Strength + Queen of Swords, Mystic Mondays + Cosmic Tribe


Themes: "Good vibes!" + "let love flourish wherever it goes"

Mystic Mondays Tarot: Strength
"Strength is not only a card of physical strength, but often points to your inner strength. It shows your growth and maturity in that you have been able to deal with challenging situations with compassion and patience. It is natural for humans to have animalistic instincts, and you have learned to tame the beast to become guided by a higher consciousness."
"With this power of self-control, you will be able to approach your problems powerfully and gracefully. Courage and patience are both needed in facing your fears."
Cosmic Tribe Tarot: Queen of Swords
"The Queen of Swords sits on a throne of clouds. Clouds represents the stormy confusion that keeps us from clearly seeing reason's light. The Queen has learned to use the clouds to her advantage. Their confusion is essential to the process of understanding and is a stage we must learn to work through if we seek the truth."
"The Queen reorders the chaos of life into understandable concepts that she can then manipulate to solve problems. She subdues cloudy reasoning with her crystalline sword and overcomes confusion with the clarity of law. Her sword represents the mind's ability to think abstractly. The Queen uses it to focus attention on the challenges of a situation. Eventually her subjects take their heads out of the clouds and follow her lead."