Strength, Sweet Twilight Tarot


Take of that mask, and show your True Self to the world and - most of all - to yourself!
And courageously face your fears!
Always easy? Nah.
Worth it? Jah!

"Named must be your fear before banish it you can." - Yoda

Hard? Yes. 
Do it anyway!
And sometimes - fake it till you make it. Or rather, fake it till you believe it!
As in Wayne Dyers famous words, "You'll see it when you believe it" (not when others believe it). 

What if you fail?!

"The greatest teacher, failure is." - Yoda

The path to awakening. 
You're almost there, although it might not feel like that in the dim light of the twilight.
Or, if you've been wide awake, and begin dozing off - thinking you've "got it"- wake up! 
You can never "have it"!
Just as your physical body needs continuous attention to stay in shape - your spiritual body does too :)

Theme: "between two states"

Card: Strength (R)
"Strength looks with love into the eyes of what she fears, knowing that is the way to find her true self."

I just love that little origami Yoda! 
Back in my office days, I had this colleague folding an origami Yoda exactly like this :)