Tears, Dreaming Girl Highway


Theme: "connect with your feminine core" - what does it mean to belong to the unknowable?

"Being the bridge between essence and form.
How does the world change when the Dreaming Girl awakens?

"Insight is a natural ability to see beyond the facts and below the surface using a kind of creative interactive perception. Insight can be your compass for direction, awaken your sense of purpose (life-fire), and enhance understanding of natural order. Yin development frees the ego."

"Some may ask the cards to tell them the whole story, to spoil all the surprises and guarantee the outcome. This cannot be, dear reader: you are a verb, not a noun. The pulses of your living light can and do change the story every minute. With a moment of loving attention and a single clear new thought, you have already changed the outcome." (DreamingGirlHighwayBook)

Card: 23. Tears
"She is filling up with grief and sorrow. It is a necessary function for Yin spiritual health and Yang body health."

"Resistance increases pain and the fury of release. She allows the tears to fill her and flow out. Cleansed of grief's toxic build-up, she is restored, the steps to her Heart Shrine washed clean."