Temperance, Chalice Tarot


Theme: "Family" (or navigating times of fear, hope and anxiety)

Card: Temperance
"In Temperance, the Chalice pack reverts to the alchemical symbolism first made explicit in the design for the Magician. In this card, however, the process by which that which is married is being constantly refined, is beginning to bear fruit; the final synthesis is well on the way to being in sight." Card reversed, so maybe a bit further away yet?
"After the dissolution and sacrifice depicted in the Hanged Man, the dark phase where everything is broken down in the Death card, comes burgeoning evidence that the process of transformation was worth the wait after all.
Tempering. "Imperfections, bad habits, all have to be ironed out - the dross removed over the crucible in which the process of purification might take place - if the final result of a period of long effort is to be all it could be. Many years of learning, especially from mistakes, may lie behind skills and talents that may otherwise prove to be effortless.  The querent may be aware that his or her efforts are beginning to show positive results, but the card does, still counsel patience in attending to areas of difficulty or lack of practice in any area of life which involves some measurement of skill."