Temperance + Four of Pent's, Venetian Carnival + Native American


Preparation, adjustment and team-work!

A continuation from yesterday. 
For Temperance I read, "indicates an opportunity for transformation of one emotion into another"
Yesterday talk about overwhelm, and the power and mechanisms of forgiveness.

It doesn't happen over-night.
"Prepare yourself for the next step by moderation on the present one."

It's an alchemical process. 
You have to make sure all your parts are heard and on board #internalfamilysystems
You may have to sit with your emotions, and befriend your trauma history.
You most certainly have to make room for vulnerability. 

It's not about 'making grand change' (throw out the old).
It's about adjustment and transforming what you have.
A little more of something, a little less of something else.
Trying out new ways to 'play your roles'. 

New ways of relating.
With the awareness that 'everything has it's own spirit' (and path) - again, it may include forgiveness and giving others and yourself new chances.
Is there a way you can start over with someone (or yourself)?
Not starting from the beginning, but starting again - from where you are, with what you know. 
Transforming emotions and experiences into knowledge, and adopting a new way of relating to another?
Maybe it isn't your job to teach someone else what to do and how to be?

Is there a way you better can be more open and 'meet them (and yourself) were they are' even better? 
Note: very much W4 energy over this P4 if you ask me!

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