Temperance, Joie de Vivre Tarot


Theme: Joy of living!

"is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit." (wiki)

It have took me quite some time to realise what Joy of Living means!
I have spent the better part of my life waiting for it. Waiting for someone or something to give or create it for me! Believing it is something I have to work for, and something I some how have to deserve. That it is something out there, that it is something in the future..!
That's what our fivesensory society - and most of it's inhabitants - teach, and believe..!

Pervading principles of the Western society:
"When you have finished your dinner you may have some dessert.", 
"When you have done your homework you may play."
"Get a good education (one that is valued so by the society that is), earn a lot of money - that will make you safe and secure, and you can buy what you want ("and that will make you happy")!"
"Work in the weeks - play and joy are for weekends ("spare" time..!)"
"Think about the starving children in Africa - eat your food!"

Work - now. Joy - future.
Joy and happiness has been dispatched to the substitutes' bench - only to be allowed to join the game when the "hardworking players" are exhausted, injured or have secured 'the win'. In this Darwinian world of "survival of the fittest", "fight or flight" - for physical survival, and 'wins'.

"Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is Life itself, it is an insane way to live." (Eckhart Tolle)

Joy is let out from it's cage for play "on weekends and vacation" - of is course hard to control after being constricted, constrained and maybe even ignored, hence overindulgence and (conscious or unconscious) addictions to this and that is close at hand.
"I need it to relax" - instead of learning to relax in a responsible balanced way - learning to BE relaxed, on a regular basis, as a way of (healthy) living..! "I deserve to have/do/eat this because I've worked so hard all week."
Doing and being are separated. Work and enjoyment are separated. Work often get the "good" label and enjoyment some kind of "for later", "life isn't supposed to be fun" and "selfish" label, sometimes on the verge of creating guiltiness - which of course create "guilty pleasures..! 
And when overindulgence and/or addictions gets too much overhand, society - unconsciously and uncomprehendingly - labels it sickness..!  
The general human isn't that eager to take responsibility for their actions and choices (mostly people don't even know that they choose their experiences) - and when a sufficiently large amount of people have the same kind of "problems" (incapability or unwillingness to take responsibility, and/or make healthy choices), voila - a new decease is founded! The responsibility is lifted from the (resisting) human and placed back on nature - "It's your fault Nature!! You're broken!! Why do you do this to me!" Poor me...
And 'we' then try to "fix" and/or correct that which we perceive as broken in/by Nature with our "science" - that is, "fix" what doesn't meet our expectations/wishes/wants/cravings/plans...! 

'We' seldom know how to balance work and play, and we don't even seem to (collectively speaking) know what's truly important, and see what Nature/evolution (hence WE) need. 
But I believe - sense - that we will (relatively) soon have a broader view on what "work" is.
We cannot keep working only for physical survival/evolution, our new (expanded) task is to also work for psychic/spiritual survival/evolution!

Inner and outer. Without psychic (spiritual) health physical health isn't that much worth..!?

The body and outer world is merely the top of the iceberg - if even that..! Most of what we call life is below - beyond - that! Space is more void than 'stuff'!
When a person dies, the body is still there - but "the person" (life) is not. There's still the house the person lived in, the workplace the person went to, the money the person so dutifully saved, the car the person drove, the streets the person walked on - but not the "person"..!
Yet we (collectively) put so much focus on money, cars, workplaces ... things - and not on persons - souls - relationships and development thereof.

I think this fact constitute a great part of both my personal as well as my collective Pain Body (fun link :)). I perceive it as I feel both my own soul's pain as well as the "collective soul's" pain - because it's a quite extensive pain I feel, and have always felt. I can't remember being without this particular pain - I think I was born with it. Hence I cannot but assume that my 'calling' and the purpose of my (this) particular life have some connection with this "inherited pain"/karma - which my horoscope seems to confirm. Be and Do, rather than 'work'.

"In awakened doing there is complete internal alignment with the present moment and whatever you are doing right now. The doing is then not primarily a means to an end, but an opening for consciousness to come into this world. Aligning yourself with the Now is aligning yourself with universal purpose, the purpose of the whole." (EckhartTolle)


Joy of Living.

Summary: I think two possible clues to why I have had such a hard time enjoying life in the past can be found in both how 'society shaped me to think, and be (and hence feel)' early on, making me create a very 'dense ego' (joyful link) - and the intense pain, fear and darkness I was born with that no one could explain, and which I never could understand - either.

Now I understand a little bit more. Now I understand that my life (my choices, my actions, my feelings, my thoughts - my energy) and hence my happiness is my responsibility. Now I understand that happiness is a choice - that happiness lies in accepting The Now. Now I understand that there is no way to happiness - happiness is the way!

Card: Temperance
"Connection, balance, blending, innovation, unity."
"Lady Temperance blends hot and cold, sun and moon, light and dark - combining the unconscious and conscious into a flourishing balance."
"Moderator between the outer and inner world, she carries masks of happiness and sadness"