Temperance, Tarot of the Divine


Today might be a day when you will have to exercise a tempered behavior, and perhaps practice flexibility a little bit extra?!

We have the deck that in my 'system' represents the theme, "appreciation of our differences and of the truth in our similarities", and we have a highly mutable Bodhisattva striving to become the most peaceful version of his/herself.

Being able to juggle whatever comes your way!
And when hanging around with people having different opinions, values and perspective - anything might pop up and trigger something in you!

Breathe. Find common ground. How can you help each other? How can you help them - how can they help you? What can this situation and opportunity teach you?

Listen, learn, raise the vibration.
Hold back on "quick replays". 

And, as always - but maybe extra today - before you speak:
Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

Deck: Tarot of the Divine
Theme: "appreciation of our differences and of the truth in our similarities"
Card: Temperance
"recognizing when to change with the times and when to change the situation itself"

Moderation. Have a good influence.