Temperance + Two of Swords, Fantasy Showcase + Gorgon's


"yang collaboration" or "outside known boundaries" or "overcoming separation"
"Even the most awful so-called 'monsters' serve unexpected purposes." or "bringing ugly truths/shadows up from the depths"

I love the combination, and that it follows yesterday's combination.
Yesterday the cards were very Yang:y, with a dark undertone. The Darth Vader thing. Dark forces steering from the unconscious, with the advice for me (in my interpretation) to stay passive and don't mend, or try to 'fix' in any direction. I think I managed to do this rather well! And I like how the cards 'confirm it' (describe it).
It is outside my known/comfortable boundaries to stay passive when things feels uncomfortable, and when things and/or events don't "go/turn out as planned/wished". I dislike 'separation' and have an innate desire to solve, fix, mend ASAP. 
So staying passive/patient - Temperance - in this situation is challenging, but I feel I'm managing it, and that it slowly bring up shadows (the dark unconscious forces shown yesterday) into the light for neutralisation and hopefully healing and unification. As long as I at the same time stay non-judgemental, remain in truce and detached from how things unfold.

Fantasy Showcase Tarot: Temperance
"Beneficent control; working harmoniously with others; adaptation; good management"
Gorgon's Tarot: Two of Swords
"Her mind in some turmoil, perhaps on the horns of a dilemma, she has deliberately turned her back on anything not directly related to her predicament, perhaps even on her emotions, to concentrate the mind on what presses upon her." Admittedly I feel there is some distance to some of my emotions, as I'm not fully developed in the detachment thing. It takes a lot of energy to navigate life at the moment, and the "learning to feel my feelings thing" is not top priority in this phase. I know I will be getting time for that quite soon.
"Suspension of judgement."
Reversed (the round card came up 45 degrees tilted): "Opening up to new ideas or external influences."