Ten of Pentacles, Gilded Tarot


Theme: gild the world

I will have to let this one come to me as I write. It's a tricky one to me.
I bought the deck rather early in my Tarot:ing, and had in mind something like "look with love goggles" as a theme for it - and not in a positive sense, but more as in "distorted". I didn't really like the imagery in it. I thought it was too fictional and "fluffy". Therefore, the deck were so supposed to remind me that I was not seeing things as they were, but as I wished or wanted it to be.
That was back in the days when rationalism still had me in a tight grip, when I believed that my view of the world was the "realistic" one, because "life isn't a bed of roses, with the sun always shining!".  

Now I know how distorted MY view of the world and it's workings were. My intellectual view - because my heart told me otherwise. But I didn't listen. At all. 
No emotional awareness. At all.
Most of my energy was released in fear and doubt - with strains and pains slowly filling up my body as a result. By 2012 it felt like I was having a tight belt around my chest 24/7. 
To date I have not yet managed to get rid of that belt. I have loosened it a great deal, but it's still there, and occasionally still tightens. 
I haven't found the tools to release it. The key to open it. 
I guess it could be likened to a chastity belt over my chest - once I find the key, I find my treasure (like the one on the card :) ).

Funnily enough, the card was reversed when I flipped it - I still haven't opened it!

I read a lot of books, but haven't found any advice that I have been able to use for opening this belt. Until now. Thanx to Mr Gary Zukav.
Meditating and "focusing on the sensation" haven't worked for me. The sensation just wont "talk" to me. And I don't get (or have) any images in my head from my ailments. Zip, zero (whether the visualisation function is just shut down, or deemed unnecessary for me by the Universe is for the Universe to know and me to find out!). 
I've gotten a lot of clues in dreams and through books that have helped me to loosen the belt, but not to open it and take it of. I've only been able to work with it intellectually I guess - which can only take you so far. It's a fivesensory solution to a multisensory problem!


I've been severely cut off from my emotions - emotionally handicapped. A quite common - but mostly unknown/undefined - state in our (fivesensory) society, hence no (true (w)holistic) healing techniques as far as the eye can reach! 
That's work for the "New Multisensory Species"! 

I've been so cut off that "sitting and feeling it" just didn't work. There's tension everywhere, all the time, were to begin!? All the while dreaming of that exquisite contact with your intuition I was reading about over and over again!
It's quite impossible to read anything from your body if there's mostly emotional chaos in it! Fear and insecurity in every corner! 

But FINALLY (that is - the exact time it was meant for me) I've found an approach that speaks to me. Which it of course probably wouldn't have done if I hadn't read and done all the other things I did before that! 

Being a very insecure and frightened person (Personality that is), an approach putting the Frightened Parts in the centre is of course spot on! This integrated with aspects such as evolutionary responsibility and energy systems makes it very completing for me as a being, and from this angle I can finally begin to really process my emotions and feelings!

"Think of your emotions as presents, waiting to be unwrapped.
Unwrapping them is a part of the spiritual journey"

I have a lot of presents to open this Christmas! :D

I surely have a chest full of treasures - not yet unwrapped (reversed card)! :D

I already knew that (detached) communication about my sensations and perceptions are helping, and necessary - that I have always felt. But I can now also see it in my natal Horoscope. I have the communication planet Mercury in the sign of depths - Scorpio - opposite Chiron (the point of deep wounds) seated in the house of transformation (8 - which is also my life path number). These two guys is in turn squared to my Nodes ("my souls purpose"). (more on my configuration, astrology wise)

Also, my natal Moon ("emotions, intuition") is quite lonely in my horoscope, on the other side of where most of the other planets house. She takes up residence in the 9th house - the house of "search for meaning, higher education, mind expansion". That's where my heart thrives (but not necessarily other parts of me!) <3


Back to the card then...

What I "back then" labelled as "love goggles" I now realise is the only true way to see the world. It is the only healthy way to view the world! The way an unspoiled child sees the world - filled to the brim with possibilities! Everything just IS, for a reason - known or (most likely) unknown.
Everywhere there's opportunities, and lessons to be learned!
Most of all: WITHIN!

By now I know there are (always) only two choices: Love or Fear.
The challenge is to always chose love, and thereby send out loving, healing energy from (and for) your body.
For your own sake, and out of respect for life!

If it is not love, it is fear!

The world does not need more fear :)


"Whilst the Nine suggests financial bounty the Ten of Pentacles is more established and firmly rooted, providing material security and family stability. It connects to family affairs, the hearth and home, family clan, the family property, inheritance and legacy passed down through generations.
The RWS (note: Radier Waite) depicts three generations in the card, whereas the Gilded Tarot shows a solid wooden trunk filled to overflowing with golden Pentacles. Family treasures were often stored away and passed to future generations to establish their home but it can also represent wealth, or the stability that money can bring.
" (LINK)

My reflection is that it my (main) responsibility to make my chest of treasures as available as possible, and also to pass the treasures on . I guess that's my main legacy for generations to come? Maybe my uniquely developed riches will then help future generations to build a sustainable, loving (gilded), wholesome, multisensory home (society) - overflowing with spiritual partnerships!? 

Wow, isn't that a lovely inspiring thought! :D
(Did I mention I have my North Node in house 11 - "group involvement, collective endeavours, global awareness"?)