Ten of Pentacles, Kingdom Within Tarot


Theme: "Heaven is Not a Place Outside", or "Everything You Need is Within", or "Don't Let Outside Events Control Your Happiness"

10th time in this CoD series I get this deck!

Joseph, Mary, little Jesus, and a bunch of wise people.
Joseph holding Mercury, Mary holding 'the Virgin statue from the Hermit card'.
Holding hands.

Quite a 'complete picture'.
But reverse. So maybe not yet a "concrete accomplishment".
Delays, but there's most probably quite the potential in the situation, can you feel it? 
But how to 'get there'?!

Card: Ten of Pentacles (R)
"...suggests that the querent needs to plan ahead, as there is an arduous task necessitating patience and attention"

Personally, I would focus on the "patience and attention" part, and less on the "plan ahead".
My 'planning days' are over!
5 years of University studies to get a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering, and working almost 10 years as a consultant for the Swedish Armed Forces - I've done my fair share of planning - and even got payed for writing... plans!
Of course I still plan SOME things - when implementing things, writing shopping lists, making some appointments, and so on and so forth.
But I do not 'plan ahead'. I no longer 'make things happen'.

I follow guidance from dreams, cards, events, signs, 'the flow' - the magical and mystical unfolding of life. I 'pay attention', and do what needs to be done in the moment - and "everything gets done".

"The Tao does nothing,
but leaves nothing undone.
If powerful men
could center themselves in it,
the whole world would be transformed
by itself, in its natural rhythms.
When life is simple
pretenses fall away;
our essential natures shine through."
Tao Te Ching 37, translation Dr. Wayne Dyer

And never have I felt more harmonious <3
Transformed, one might say.
(note: the first 34 years of my life was 'plagued with' a quite severe inexplicable anxiety, oftentimes in the shape of sheer inner terror, so I know pretty much about how the opposite feels :) )