Ten of Pentacles, Sex Fortunes Tarot


Not such a significant step for humankind maybe - but sure one great step in matters of true #intimacy!

When not shrinking from the truth (day before yesterday) and,
When not afraid of eventual tension from "confrontation" (yesterday) and,
When, with no traces of earlier anger/resentment (because you've once again did the work of transforming it into Love), you gently and compassionately tell your truth...
(When the time is just ripe for it) 

...the 'award' more often than not is: increased intimacy <3

Your souls just got a step closer to each other!
Maybe "nothing at all" have happened on the surface - but the foundation just grew stronger.

And, as humankind really needs more true intimacy and Love, this might just be considered quite a step not just for you.
"When a butterfly flaps its wings..."  

Deck: Sex Fortunes Tarot
Theme: "Intimacy" or "the naked truth"
Card: Ten of Testicles