Ten of Pent's + Hanged Man, Vikings + Toth


Themes: "life isn't always easy, tough climate" + "a higher calling"

Spontaneous reflection on what I maybe should be prepared for today: some kind of work or challenge that might not "give immediate results (according to the ego)" (10 reversed), but which could be viewed as a needed unselfish favour ("sacrifice") being a part of my calling.


Vikings Tarot: Ten of Pentacles -
"The Dwarf Andvari, transformed into a pike and his wealth"
"Prosperity - copiousness - waste"
Aleister Crowley Toth Tarot: The Hanged Man
"The key to success: a shift in consciousness. And it's okay to simply let hang at times" (The "mid air hanging" - not my Ego's favourite position as I've written about a lot lately!!!)


Ten of Pentacles

"In a general context, the Ten of Pentacles reversed can represent rocky foundations, insecurity and instability" (thetarotguide)
Challenge or something that's "not easy" that make me feel insecure and on rocky foundation - dog sitting certainly fits that description. It's way outside my comfort zone!  

The Hanged Man

"The Hanged Man card in Tarot symbolizes trial or meditation, selflessness, and sacrifice." (astrology.com)
"When the Hanged Man appears in a Tarot reading, your projects and activities may be coming to an unexpected and abrupt halt. Don't keep pushing forward, hoping that more force will drive you to where you want to go. Instead, surrender to the opportunity to pause and view it as your chance to reassess and re-evaluate where you are on your path. Something new is emerging, and you won't be able to see it unless you allow the time and space for it to come through." (biddytarot)
So, I might also prepare myself for feeling a bit mid air after completing this task - not at all unlikely! My Ego will most probably shout out - "what's next?!?! Now what?" and feel lonely and empty, if it react as it usually does when something that touches me deeply is "over" or completed.
Good that the Soul is more clear-headed and know better - and that I'm learning more and more to act in a loving way even when Frightened Parts active inside me. 
Good that I've finally begun to trust the "don't push" path.
"The Hanged Man is your invitation to welcome these 'pauses' with open arms and surrender to the 'what is' - even if it is different from what you expected."
"...the Hanged Man is asking you to surrender and let go. Instead of investing in specific outcomes or resisting your current circumstances, accept them and allow yourself to flow with life." (biddytarot)