Ten of Pent's + Six of Cups, Raven's Prophecy + Samurai


Themes: "balancing logic and creativity" + "Bushido"

Raven's Prophecy: Ten of Coins
Keywords "Wealth, Generosity, Legacy, Excess"
"This card is rich. It represents wealth beyond usefulness - everything you wanted has come to be"
"Now what?"
"This card urges you to think about the next generation, to consider using your excess material wealth for good that will outlive you"
"you need to do something for your spiritual health"
"ten perfect blooms, too many to see all at once, all competing for attention. Enjoy the ones that you like the best. But give the others to those who are just starting on their gardening journey"
What about reversed then?
Samurai Tarot: Six of Cups
"Dreams: The small hare contends with the moon at night, a children's game in which the Universe hides"

I'm inclined to think "shattered dreams", and reminded of the importance of "keep it together" (both via the logic/creativity balance, and the Samurai touch).
The Vet comes to see one of my horses today, and my gut feeling ain't good.


"the Ten of Pentacles reversed can represent rocky foundations, insecurity and instability your life."
"You may experience sudden or unexpected changes or losses or you may be feeling like you have lost everything when it appears. Remember, however, that it is often the most difficult or challenging situations that give us the opportunity to learn and grow."
"In a health context, the Ten of Pentacles reversed can indicate a sudden unexpected change in terms of health." (thetarotguide)
"The dark side of wealth, financial failure or loss."
"The Ten of Pentacles reversed may show that you are experiencing challenges or setbacks with financial or job security and family stability." (biddytarot)