Ten of Swords, Gorgon's Tarot


"the term gorgon in Greek translates to 'dreadful' or 'beastly"


"Did you know Medusa was once a breathtaking, bombshell of a woman?
Yep, her beauty was legendary."

"...she was quite a sweet girl. She was said to be generous, thoughtful, bright and beautiful."

"Understandably, Medusa became pretty bitter about the whole turning into a monster thing."


"...able to pluck a viper from her coiffure and command it to do her bidding. Sometimes this meant a killing strike upon an unsuspecting passerby.
Was she playing dirty pool?
Maybe, but maybe she had her reasons.

"Even the most awful so-called 'monsters' serve unexpected purposes."



CARD: Ten of Swords
"Pain and disappointment having got the better of her, she lies down, exhausted and drained, in total desolation. She thinks she'll never walk again and so she is inclined to turn her face to the wall and give up, as there is no point on fighting any longer"
A card nicely following Death and The Tarot of the Dead (last presented cards, the day before yesterday).
"Darkness before dawn. The end of a painful road. Fighting far too long has left one exhausted."
"The final cut that frees us from our old moorings."
"New hope born out of despair"