Ten of Swords + Known World, Many Doors + Dreaming Girl Highway


Theme: "there are so (too) many doors!" + "connect with your feminine core" - what does it mean to belong to the unknowable?

"Insight is a natural ability to see beyond the facts and below the surface using a kind of creative interactive perception. Insight can be your compass for direction, awaken your sense of purpose (life-fire), and enhance understanding of natural order. Yin development frees the ego."
"The pulses of your living light can and do change the story every minute. With a moment of loving attention and a single clear new thought, you have already changed the outcome."
(DreamingGirlHighway Book)

Many Doors Tarot: Ten of Swords
I have no interpretations for this deck. But the card pictures how my ego feels and thinks quite well - that, no matter which door I open, I'm struck (stabbed) down! The traditional card showing a man laying, face down, with 10 swords in his back. The ego feels "hurt into the bones", comes to mind seeing the strangely looking skeleton thing on the card. 
Yet I, deep down, feel an unfamiliar kind of...calm.
Continuing on the "what I'm here to receive" theme. 
Every "strike" is an opportunity..! An opportunity to chose love despite all the options (doors) to chose otherwise! And every time I do, I feel a little bit more calm, happy, ME!
It's easy to chose love when everything already is happy, fun and easy - but it's not awfully developing..! But to dig deep inside and chose love, again and again, when all other options seems (and often "more reasonably/rational") closer at hand - THAT'S developing. I'm really beginning to understand (that is, experience) this now!
I'm really beginning to get a feel for what Eckhart Tolle talks about :)
"Crappy things" happening isn't punishment, they are opportunities for growth - and yes, happiness - in so many ways.
Opportunities that typically don't appear in the known, comfortable and nice!
Dreaming Girl Highway: 9. Known World
"She stands at her known world looking out at an eternity of distant stars."
"How comfortable it can be to fill up the empty spaces with the rubber-stamped images of familiar things. A thing as simple as an open mind is a miracle of mastery over her own ego, everyday fears, and the white noise of constant stimulus. She can open her eyes to new information and get a whole new point of view. Possibilities are way bigger than she thought. Unlimited potential."
"Miracle of an open mind in an unknowable universe" <3