Ten of Swords + The Hierophant, Spiral + Tree


Themes: growth goes is spirals + slow steady organic growth

Spiral Tarot: Ten of Swords
"The Tens belong with the Wheel of Fortune, and so these cards capture the end of a cycle on a certain level."
"Leaving a bad situation and going to a better future. Going away to relieve stress and tension."
The Tarot of Trees: The Hierophant
"...represents beliefs, religion, the established order, and discipline."
"It may show the need to put faith in others or strengthen the your faith in a traditional sense."
"The Hierophant also represents a formal, and possibly inflexible education: the pursuit of knowledge, study and learning, and seeking systematic understanding of the world.


I'm making decisions, but I'm letting things happen in their own organic natural (hence optimal) way. I'm not trying to get rid of the tensions my mind and body respond with in fear - I accept my tensions, and let them heal in their own pace. In caring company <3
I'm slowly continuing cutting ties with the old and inflexible, and detaching from my ego's need to control events and people - and steadily I'm walking towards a new more open and better future (now)
It's unknown territory I'm wandering, it feels terrifying from time to time - but exciting, and interestingly relaxing and calming!
That's the feeling of putting trust in the universe.

The only way to grow and heal.