Ten of Wands, Healing Earth Tarot


Theme: "healing Earth, one human at the time (starting with oneself)"

Healing Earth Tarot.
Card: Ten of Wands
"...represents great energy. It is the emerald energy of the rainforest breathing new life into the world in the form of oxygen."
"...suggests this massive storehouse of energy which, when allowed to do what it was naturally meant to do, flourishes and provides in abundance. Like the Amazonian people, we, too, are guardians of a storehouse of energy - our own. Deep down we know when to reap and when to sow and, following that knowing, find that we can flow easily with life. When the same energy is overused or undermined, we are in danger of no longer listening to the guardians of our own well-being, of trampling instinctual selves under foot, and of reducing the once fertile soil of our life force to a desert."
"In a reading W10 reveals the power of our energy and how this energy may be used either for the good of our greater growth or to be reaped indiscriminately until exhaustion and disintegration set in. The key to the Ten of Wands rests in the understanding of the natural flow of our life force and in acting accordingly."