Ten of Wands, Maat Tarot


Theme: "personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order"

Card: Ten of Wands
"The traditional meaning of the 10 of Wands is that a burden will soon be lifted; it can also imply a change of residence or a person whose path is obscured by his burdens."
"...our karmic debts follow us and must be paid in full and that which we are owed must also be returned to us.
Our karma is the work that we have come into the world to do. Making the suggestion that the burdens and responsibilities tended to will create the joy and harmony we seek.
"Our actions create our reality and what we do has a direct effect on our lives. Much of the petty disharmony of our lives is of our own making. Personal internal issues are often reflected in the external world."
"The only real way to release ourselves of our personal karma is to deal with the tasks set before us. The task at hand is the task that requires our immediate attention, even if it is tiresome, boring or repetitious. Putting off tasks just turns them into big tasks later."
"...the real heroes of the world are the ones who unobserved wipe tiny wet noses and clean up the cup of spilled juice. The real heroes are the ones who folded that fifth load of laundry and put it away without acknowledgement, compensation"
"It is the kindness shown to people that no one else sees that shows the true character of a person."