Ten of Wands, Tarot of the Dead


Theme: "death/rebirth - transformation"

Card: Ten of Wands
"Difficult task. Oppression of responsibilities."


"The Ten of Wands notes that you are taking on an extra burden, a heavier workload, or greater responsibility. Even though it is weighing you down and making things tougher for you, you understand it is only temporary, so you are willing to put in the hard work now to accomplish your goal and reap the rewards later."
"The good news is that the Tens in Tarot represent the completion of a cycle, and with the Ten of Wands, the end is in sight! You have been pushing yourself to your limits and working very hard towards your goal. Now, you are taking those final steps on the path to realising your dreams. Sure, you might collapse in a heap of exhaustion when you get there, but you know it will be all worth it and well earned!"
"...you become starkly aware that you must now carry on with the duties you have laid out for yourself, to ensure ongoing success."

Birthing something new mostly requires some form of death, and it's not surprising if there is painful or burdensome elements to it.
And then we have one of my favourite sayings; "be careful what you wish for...", not only because you might get it, but also because it might come with more work or responsibilities.
But maybe - it will be all worth it!