Ten of Wands + The Hermit, Sidhe + Magic Manga


Theme: "the gift of..."+ "adult comic"

Tarot of the Sidhe: Warrior Ten ('Ten of Wands') (R)
"Who thinks of the sacrifice as they cross?
Who weeps for knowledge of the bridge's loss?
He knows the task is worth the pain,
His suffering is for greater gain...
Keywords "Responsibility, Greater Good, Spiritual Mission, Sacrifice"
Magic Manga Tarot: The Hermit
"Represents the guiding spirit."
"Counsel, knowledge, solicitude, prudence, caution, resignation, withdrawal, failure to face facts"


Ten of Wands Reversed
"Doing it all, carrying the burden, delegation, release"
"Do not become a martyr and take on more than you can realistically handle. On the positive side, if you are going through a challenging time, then the Ten of Wands reversed assures you that this time will soon pass and you will be able to set down this weight."
"You may also be actively identifying those activities that do not bring you any value in your life, and you are releasing yourself from these additional responsibilities." (biddy)

Maybe things I've collected through my "gift" aren't as bad, heavy and serious as they might feel. Maybe things in general aren't as "bad" as the head wants to label them - when not looking and progressing in a "reasonable way". The Japanese Adult Comic theme...? 
The head easily interpret Plutonian and Saturnian themes, people and situations as bad, and Uranian and Neptunian things upsetting, out of order and elusive.

A little bit of withdrawal, and I might be able to relate to all the "new facts" I've collected in new horoscope learnings, and to the fact that I have joined the Biddy Community, for one reason or another, and what to do with it.

All the new facts doesn't change anything. They merely explain. Reasonable, comfortable or not - it's just the way things are. My responsibilities haven't changed. My primary responsibility is still to do what's most right and loving in the moment. There are no "extra responsibilities" put on my shoulders because of new information coming in. 
It's the same thing today as yesterday as tomorrow. Accept and live in the now. Does it feel heavy? Does it feel uncomfortable? Does it sometimes feel "unfair" and boring?! Does it feel frightening and shaking? Yes.

He knows the task is worth the pain,
His suffering is for greater gain...