The Chariot + Dissipating, Apokalypsis + Chakra Wisdom Oracle


Themes: "a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge" (association: just started reading The Course in Miracles) + "Don't quit before the miracle takes place" (for results to come, you have to actually do the work)

The Potential vs The Resistance. 

Tarot of the Apokalypsis: The Chariot
"The Chariot represents a journey and quest, but is also concerned with our triumphs, achievements and reputation."
"The Chariot gives heightened expression to ideals and ambitions, as well as suggesting that human beings can become expressions of that which is considered sacred."
"...the showing of our achievements and the cultivation of the concept of the self as great in the eyes of others that leads to progress, victory and a continual journey of improvement."
Walk you talk.
Chakra Wisdom Oracle: Dissipating
"The yellow cards...reveal our planning process." Logical vs scattered.
"In Yellow, we turn the lights on and let the spirits know we are home. If we don't let them know where we are, they cannot bring us our desires."
The Card.
"I am more than I think I am." Of course - as you are the one observing your thoughts!
"Beware of being imprisoned by the story you tell." You are neither your thoughts nor your story - you are the you are the one listening to them. And the one choosing whether to believe them or not, whether to change them or not.
"A lack of planning does not indicate misfortune. Am I doing what I say?" Beware of making excuses and/or procrastination, when actually knowing what to do - and, how to be and act. The longer you wait, the longer before miracles happen. Wanna watch TV, or make a change?!

Turn on those lights, and let the spirits know where you are, and that you are willing to take the journey! For yourself, and for those to come. 

Are you just gonna sit there "knowing what needs to be done" (preferably by others - TV) in your cosy couch, or get your lazy ass out of it and be the change you want to see?!
The Tarot never beats around the bush!