The Chariot, Holy Light Tarot


Theme: "enlightenment/awakening ("explicit spiritual growth")"

Holy Light Tarot
Card: The Chariot (only the 2nd time this CoD-series)
"This is the principle of perpetual motion, meaning the eternal circulation of light and sound frequencies into tangible matter. The awakened human, that divine animal, becomes attuned to the Voice of Spirit."
"...represents polarity in cooperation, or integrated frequencies. The individual who entered upon the self-cultivation path in the Magus card has reached the first synthesis."
"These two steeds (sometimes Sphinxes) show that all polarities are harnessed to their common denominator, working towards a mutual goal. Individually, the horses are each very distinct in their own nature, but function best in harmony with their equal-and-opposite partner. By harnessing the body's great passion and libido (dark horse looking backward) to the clarity of an awakening consciousness (the white horse looking forward) the pair can influence each other's evolution over time."
"...contending opposites no longer have power to take the driver of the chosen road. The charioteer has outgrown the pose of victim of circumstances. Nevermore will she be pulled in one direction by intuition and in the other direction by reason or acculturation."
"Our female Charioteer's armor signals her awakened left brain. The Medusa head on her shield suggests this dynamic lady is Athena, bearing gifts derived from the reasoning mind."
"She aligns her goals to Divine Will, as signalled by the course of the Planets overhead."
"Another quality that the Chariot card refers to is ambidexterity - a brain so well-balanced and cross-wired that either hand can be rallied for action at any time. So often in life we find ourselves building up with one hand and tearing down with the other, and it happens right under our own noses."
"Those who harbor internal inconsistencies can't get their ego, will and spiritual vision focused on the same project at the same time. Society takes advantage of this unfortunate situation, because humans make better herd animals when our internal balance is repeatedly upset. One who wishes to achieve higher than average levels of integration has to expand their capacities across the centerline and develop their weak side, however that might manifest."
"...the Feminine Divine, rather than the worldly ego, is put firmly in mastery. This symbolizes a personality that is no longer ruled by self-referenced motives. Instead it works to fulfill Spirit's directives, in particular the aspiration towards the most pure spiritual subjectivity."
"By subduing worldly assertiveness and innate intelligence through submission to a Higher Power, all the self-serving fragments of the ego come under one master."
"Receiving the Chariot card in a spread represents a graduation diploma for achieving the First Grade of the Initiate."