The Chariot, Robin Wood Tarot


When your inner voices or forces aren't really seeing eye to eye, but you play your happy music and proceed on your path anyways!
When your ego has all kinds of reasons so stop and reconsider, and convince you to turn around or change plans.
Because circumstances begin to tangle up - the terrain starting to get tricky (theme of the deck).
Maybe the step isn't obvious - so the ego wants to re-evaluate the direction as a whole.
Or maybe the next step is uncomfortable - so the ego wants to side-track it. "Come, I have found a short-cut"...

Carry on, my dear!
'Play that funky music, white boy'!

It's easy to stay cheerful and positive when you feel like Tony Tiger - grrrrrreat!
But true growth comes from staying cheerful, positive and carry on in your direction, also in times when you get a not so positive reading feedback ;) 

Everything that happens in the moment is merely one frame on the film roll of your life <3 

Robin Wood Tarot
Card: The Chariot
"trouble or problems fall behind"
"controlling forces which might conflict and bringing them together to form a working whole"

I had a VERY rare kind of dream, for me, tonight. I was chased by three or four people with knives, on a great ferry or boat. They were "Russian", or "something like that", speaking a language I didn't understand. It's not that I had done something, I was just SO in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and - apparently - had to be caught and/or stabbed. And it was rather problematic, as I really didn't find my way through the rooms on this boat. Managed to turn around at one moment, and stab one of the woman persecutors (or were there only women?) right through her hand. No blood.
I still have quite the resistance to embrace my yin side, and "be compassion/love", when faced with a certain type of challenges. My strong Capricorn Mars join forces with Libra Pluto and Lilith to "demand justice!!", and totally overtake my weak vacillating Libra Venus and off-set Gemini Moon.

My horoscope is filled to the brim with Air, my Solar Return this year is almost pure water - quite foreign country to me! This is my year to embrace and develop it.

Enough about me - Wish You a lovely day!