The Crooked Man, Sherlock Holmes Tarot


Theme: Deduction. Or, I guess, multisensory investigation. 

Well, Hello, to you too, Mr Holmes..!

But, yes, I guess it is sort of a wonder that I am alive, considering how much I have misused my available energy through life! The Universe certainly is patient with its creatures!

How much I have misused and distorted the energy I'm made of. How narrow and distorted my perception of this mystery called Life have been! How an imbalanced life I've been living, not using and developing all my levels - and certainly not using them in an cooperative and loving way! 

Aah, the four levels of existence, the four rings (fourrings)! 
The Physical Level.
The Intellectual Level.
The Emotional Level.
The Spiritual Level.

All things considered, I've gotten quite far only using the physical and intellectual level of my being somewhat consciously, with some form of awareness - with as good intention as I've been able to muster, sincerely not knowing better!

So yes, dear Mr Holmes, I get your point - twisted I was, but survived I did!

I had my reasons!
No - The Universe have had it's reasons, for letting me stay alive!
It could have stopped my heart at any time had it wanted!

Thank you Dear Lovely Universe for not having done that yet or already!

Maybe The Universe accepted it as innocence, seeing it not as ignorance.


But not changing the way I see things now would be ignorance - now when I "know" so much more. Not changing now could "get me into troubles", or "sickness". 
Not facing my emotions and develop emotional awareness now would be ignorance - now when I have so many tools in my toolbox.
Not making spiritual growth my highest priority at all times now would be ignorance - now when I know it is my primary responsibility, and fastest path to harmony. 

Choosing "wrong" would maybe not necessary be out of ignorance, but certainly out of fear, and it would be disrespecting to Life itself.  


And a frightful part of her awakens, and dreams...
"How much easier it would be have been if I had near, dear, friends and colleagues who desired this kind of growth and talk as much as I do!"
"I wish I had at least some spiritual partners to exchange advice and words about life with..."
"NO! I wish I had THE Spiritual Partner, to walk this path with!"


Maybe I'm still too crooked to cope with that!?
I don't know!
Anyhow - things are as they are!
For a reason - whether I understand (or like) it or not!

What I have I have attracted!
Either to mirror some harsh truths back to me (what you - consciously or unconsciously - send out/or ask for comes to you...), or to give me life lessons (as parts of the Earth school) to grow from.

"My experience in my own life as well as in working with others in therapy, has often times been that when we fail to get our lessons or make the necessary changes for our growth, the lesson gets louder, and perhaps, even a bit more painful, so we may eventually get the message and choose to do what our soul is calling for."
"Each moment is the opportunity to be more loving, mindful, creative and compassionate." (wholenesshealing)

My intellect tells me that things are about to - and are - changing!
My feelings begin to catch up!

I'm already a (consciously passive and observing) participant in the Life School, and I'm excited to begin a "Soul Manifestation Coach Training" very soon - obvious possibilities for meeting like-minded individuals!?
Whether I do that or don't do that, it feels right - and exciting in a way I don't think I've felt before! (somewhere below the mix of unprocessed fearful feelings that still have a constant grip in and of me, which I'm slowly working may way through)


Yes, I'm still rather crooked. 
But the first steps is to see, accept and realise that it's fixable, find the necessary means and tools for the work, and than to grow/muster the strength and courage to get the work towards straightness(!) started.

"As if by chance" I have all that I need - and I think I've already started!?


Yes, I'm still crooked.
But considering how good I already feel just by realising and accepting my crookedness, I can't even imagine how good I will feel once I've installed myself also on the other levels of existence, and pulled myself up! 

The above classic image suddenly tells a different story to me!


There is so much potential hidden in crookedness! So much potential for growth!
Uncomfortable growth - yes! But the universe have equally comfortable rewards waiting for those who make the effort!

This is what "leave your comfort zone" means to me!

Deck #110: Sherlock Holmes Tarot