The Devil, Crystal Visions Tarot


Theme: "the answer is in the future/yet to be unveiled" (The deck has an extra Major, called The Unknown)

Card: The Devil
Reversed: " can signify spiritual growth and a shift in morality. Perhaps in recognising your own shallowness, frivolity, and depravity you are moved to find a deeper meaning to life and a higher purpose."

"Yes, anybody who is reading this and finding it meaningful, it means they have already awakened. Anybody who is reading this interview and it's meaningless, it means the awakening hasn't happened yet."

"...when you think you have big problems, ask yourself, "What problem do I have at this moment?" Usually, you will find that you don't have a problem at this moment because you're sitting here and you're breathing, you're looking out the window, and it's fine. There is enough air. You even had enough food today; and if you didn't have enough food, even that wouldn't be a problem, but maybe a challenge. 
So challenges exist, but problems are mind-made."

"...when forms begin to crumble - whether the physical form, some external form, your life situation, relationships, whatever - there is always an opportunity for great deepening. By deepening I mean the arising of who you are beyond form."

"When you don't demand that the situation, or place, or person should make you happy, then actually the situation, place, or person is quite satisfying." (link)

"...the process of breaking free from the material limitations of Saturn is not easy. But the "Chiron opposite Uranus" generation has been called to take this step. If you are born between 1950 and 1989 you are a Wounded Healer too, which means you were born with the mission to transcend Saturn or what our forefathers called "reality"."

(Even if you are born before 1950 or after 1989, Chiron will still show you where you have the potential to transcend your limitations and create something much greater. You are here for a reason, and Chiron will help you see what that reason is.)

"To end the misery that has afflicted the human condition for thousands of years, you have to start with yourself and take responsibility for your inner state at any given moment. That means now." (tolleqoute)

"Everything, every event, every condition, we encounter is inherently neutral. What is not neutral is the meaning we apply to those things, events and conditions."

"We are blessed with the freedom of choice. Yes, we have been conditioned to perceive things in certain way, and that has a good deal of momentum, but with a little understanding of how we re-create experience in our lives, we can freely choose a perspective that makes life enjoyable.
It's just a matter of choice.

"Apply meanings that are positive and uplifting and the experience we have is more up the scale of happiness than is a judgemental meaning of wrongness such as failure etc.
This is a choice.