The Devil + Five of Wands, TaRat + Ceccoli


Theme: "something gnawing" + "victimhood, self-pity"

TaRat Tarot: The Devil
"temptation, trickery"
Ceccoli Tarot: Five of Wands
"harmless challenge, a test of courage"

A situation feeling deeply terrifying and painful, gnawing on old deeply buried and also unknown wounds, triggering loads of self-pity which makes it tempting to pull some ugly tricks - but right on point, the situation is actually quite harmless...!!! 
Quite the opposite - it's actually a rather natural development of things, and it's all very, very healing - if dealt with courageously.
That is, with (unconditional) love and forgiveness <3

All the spiritual teachings I've been reading and listening to the last 8 years are finally really taking root in me, together with an continuously expanding gratefulness <3
Very much thanks to the very timely appearance of a a very great - highly unaware - teacher.