The Devil, Motherpeace Tarot


From Motherpeace booklet:

"Tarot is a series of visual images carrying ancient wisdom in the form of secret or esoteric teaching. Hidden in the symbols, this teaching can be deciphered by using the right-brain intuitive mind to "read" the images on the cards. Through quiet study and meditation, tarot initiates the reader into new realms of psychic knowledge and self-understanding."

"Motherpeace Round Tarot emerges from a need for positive female images, including strong women of color. The deck comes out of five years of self-healing and esoteric study in a time when women's power had begun to blossom."

"...let go of any preconceived notions and [...] permit the pictures to reveal their meanings. The state of consciousness necessary for reading the cards is relaxation and receptivity."

"There is no one way to read the cards, no correct interpretation that you are attempting ti guess. What is crucial to a successful reading is the suspension of ordinary consciousness and a surrender to the power of the visual symbol. Let go of your critical judgement: trust your intuition."

"Once you begin to let the cards speak to you, there is no end to what you can do with them. You may hear voices, see the picture moving, experience the action personally. Let the images take you somewhere on the inner planes and they will serve you as tools of change. Your creative, intuitive self will, if you let it, reveal secrets and stories to your waking self. Bridging the gap between these two selves is the ultimate goal of any form of meditation."


Spontaneous reflections:
"stuck on deliveries on the clock",
"chained to time",
"lost in futile striving"


Card: The Devil
"When magical power becomes a temptation for personal gain, the Devil has entered the picture. The pitfalls of egomania are bondage to physical cravings, addictions, negative habit patterns, ego-tripping and forgetfulness of spirit."


I often forget spirit - I seldom feel inspired. My head immediately gets in the way - "The Devil" rules the show. Too much doing - too little being. 
For many years I've been searching 'my passion'. That 'thing' that will make me feel inspiration, and that will light my inner fire.
The 'If-Only' trap.

But of course it's more of an 'attitude thing', or in other words - 'intention thing'! 
It's just not enough to 'do the right things', if the intention behind it is more or less unbalanced, undefined, instinctual - or unconscious. 
"Good" intentions is not equal to "right" intentions.
"Good" intentions are "right" and 'inspiring' only if based in love, and not fear.
No matter how "magical" or spiritual the intentions are, if there's any kind of second agenda to them, any wishes of particular 'results' from them, they are 'devilish' - not in-spirited!
The initial spark might very well come from spirit, but as soon as the head and ego starts planning and taking control, the spark is dead and gone - and the heaviness from the metal of the chains around the ankle is there. It becomes 'work against the clock' instead of inspired creation with openness to the creative process and the continuous spontaneous guidance from The Creation. 
I have troubles saying 'no' when I feel the energy switch from in-spirit to in-chains. I don't say "Stop! Wait a minute! What did just happen?! Where did the inspired energy go!"
I have a tendency to 'follow through', 'deliver what was promised', 'no matter what' - in time, with the highest 'quality' possible.
Blood, sweat and tears.
Because I can and am able to.
Because I always did.


"If you have taken "The Devil" in the boat you have to row him to the shore..."
An old Swedish saying goes.
But do I? 


But I've gone from not even knowing what was going on, to at least see and feel the switch in energy, so there's hope!
I have to polish that courage and dare say pause and 'no' more often, and before it 'goes south', before I 'get (feel) chained' - even if it might annoy my surroundings, or rather: my Ego, which reflects its annoyance to my surroundings :)


"Your intention is why you do what you do. For example, imagine that you are hiking with a friend, and she suddenly pushes you violently off the trail. If she pushes you because she sees a rattlesnake, and she intends to keep you safe, her push comes from love. She cares about you. If she pushes you because she intends to keep herself safe, her push comes from fear. She cares about herself."

The Corona example:

"The Individuals with you all take the same actions: they wash their hands, avoid touching their faces, keep "social" distance, and isolate themselves. However, some of them do these things to protect you as well as themselves. They wash their hands to protect you as well as themselves. They stay inside to protect you as well as themselves. They buy food for themselves, and they leave some for you. If they become infected, they suffer without a hand to hold theirs in order to protect you. If they need help, they get it to protect themselves and you. They are heroes. Their intention is love."

"Others do the same things to protect only themselves. [...] Their intention is fear."
~ Gary Zukav 


After the reflection I pulled a Indie Goes Oracle Cards card, I received:

I that 'confirms' that the best way to 'recover' from these old wounds (habits and such)!
To do things slower, take frequent pauses, feel the energies.
Is there still spirit in the actions? Is the intention still love? 
To say 'hey, wait a minute' if a NO to these answers creep in!

An answer very in sync with all the 'delays' I'm encountering in life since well over a month :)

I'm not delayed - I'm 'given time'.
I'm reminded that I have time. 
There's no rush.
I'm given time to breathe, feel and transform.
I'm given time to choose spirit, again and again.

Time and again I'm given the opportunity to Let go of your critical judgement: and trust your intuition.
"Your creative, intuitive self will, if you let it, reveal secrets and stories to your waking self. Bridging the gap between these two selves is the ultimate goal of any form of meditation."

Aligning the personality with the Soul, and Spirit.