The Emperor, Glastonbury Tarot


Achieving stability without turning rigid.

It's not an easy thing, "facing yourself". Seeing yourself in the mirror.
Truly look.

In the darkest moments, it might not be self-love you need to practice first and foremost.
Hey, it might not even be possible.
When the darkest parts of you enter the scene, it's not a task for the faint of heart.
Maybe not something to "try at home" even.
But some of us has to.
It's part of our journey.
Whether we wish for it to be or not.

(Rerun: I have Chiron in my 8th house (Taurus), squaring my Nodes, opposing my (Scorpio) Mercury.
Healing and transformation (and communicating it) are certainly on my to-do-list!)

But when it comes to some dark stuff, it's not just about 'taking the leap' and 'the rest will follow'. Even if it is all in your hands, and 'something you can get out of' (yesterday S8), it's not about 'love and time'. It's not just about removing the blindfold.
If you remove it too fast, things can get out of hand.

I love the coke analogy.
If you know you have a shaken coke, you don't just unscrew the cap. You do it slowly.

Just like when you have a 'shaken (dysregulated) system', with all kinds of trauma 'bottled up'.

But no matter how slowly you go, 'shit may hit the fan' now and again!
Then it's about (self)leadership. Discipline. Order.

When dark parts need to have their say.
When your biology is more unbalanced than usual, and your energy runs low.
Or out.
When it feels like the life force has left your body.

Then positive affirmations will be of little use!

Then your 'auto-pilot' better be well calibrated, so that you find yourself in a safe place when you 'wake up' from the #reezeresponse / #overwhelm !

"This card advices you to lay foundations, create firm boundaries along with stability and order, and to explore where discipline is needed"

Important, be gentle with yourself.
Things are as they are.
(And couldn't be otherwise, because they aren't)

Deck: #GlastonburyTarot
Theme: "a look in the mirror"

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