The Emperor, Mary-el Tarot


Theme: the landscapes of the abyss (unconscious), expression/artwork

Card: The Emperor
"Application of energy."
"slow and wise expansion"
"Doesn't happen overnight"

Expansion into the landscapes of the abyss (collective/personal unconscious and hidden) surely doesn't happen overnight, and some form of artistic/intuitive approach is often facilitating. It's hard work, and it requires a wise 'Application of energy', but there are immeasurable rewards on the other side of it. 
Work that - though mostly intuitive, "irrational" and often indefinable (The Empress - preceding The Emperor) - for sure as well have to be well organised, guided and disciplined, and looked at through realistic and logical (not to be confused with rational) glasses, as there are many potential dangers and illusions lurking under the surface of the conscious. 

Nonetheless, necessary - and mandatory - work, if you ask me (having a bunch of planets in my 1st house (Libra), Moon in 9th, Vesta in 12th, and Saturn/Jupiter at Asc...).

"I love the idea of love and kindness being the reason earth exists, or that we all exist - that life in this world of fierce duality is where we go to experience love and grow our souls."

Yellowish from Mary-el Tarot Book.