The Emperor + The Fool, Rosetta + Romantic


Themes: "deciphering key" (with reference to the Rosetta Stone) + "guide along the roads of love"

Man, am I in need of this..!
Deciphering my situation and get some keys to and guidance in the world of togetherness.

I absolutely love how synchronised and supporting the cards are and have been for the last couple of months!


Again the Emperor. Highlighted also the day before yesterday. Then in a dark and manipulative flavour, now as an advice - even the primal key forward?
For quite some time I've felt the general advice has been to be and stay patience, adjustable and soft, now I sense a turn towards "order, control and discipline". Not only a turn, The Key!
Sort of amplified by a romantic Fool in reverse beside it...?!

Enough with just letting immaturity and/or indications of disrespect just be and pass me by now? As those things certainly don't make a pleasant contribution to the travel on the roads of love in togetherness.
Time to create and set some personal boundaries maybe.
Without reacting from hurt feelings or ego opinions, or reflecting the same stuff back, but instead through responding from the most loving place possible - from love, promoting love.
But also probably without loosing the innocence and curiosity of the upright Fool - setting some boundaries, but without taking oneself too seriously?
But anyhow, you asked for it - enough with the pampering!

Yet another great challenge for me.
Thank you Life, for giving me the opportunity to grow!


The Rosetta Tarot: The Emperor
"In a reading, the Emperor represents ambition, discipline and perseverance, but warns against rigidity. The Emperor shows the masculine instinct to create structure and order. He sybolizes power and control, authority and leadership over others or over the self, the "inner Father"."
"A pragmatic course of action and attitude leads to a firm foundation."
Romantic Tarot: The Fool (reversed)
"The Dandy. Blinded by love, he doesn't think and goes on his way, irresponsible and jovial, in total abandon, relying only on his instincts. Enthusiasm."


All the doves on the Fool card make me smile, as they happen to synchronise quite well with my life right now! :D