The Emperor, The Tarot of Trees


Theme: life growth ("My Tree of Life") -ish

Suiting not to only get The Tarot of Trees, but even "The Tree" - The Emperor - on this the Christmas Tree Day :)

Card: The Emperor
"The Emperor is a mighty Oak tree lording over the forest below. His large root system implies stability and power. He is flanked by two majestic purple mountains which further demonstrate his lordly might."
"When you draw this card, consider who has the power: who is the boss, who is pulling the strings, who sets the rules or policies."


Does it unfold in its own time or do I push it?

Does it open possibilities or close them?

Does it open perceptions or close them?

Am I avoiding my emotions or welcoming them?

Is this an unfolding of joy or an unfolding of fear?

Am I only self-concerned or do I care for others and the Earth?

Is it passion or a diversion?"

(The Heart of the Soul)

Deck # : The Tarot of Trees (available also as an application)