The Fool, Ancient Italian Tarot


Theme: "passion"

Deck: Ancient Italian Tarot
Card: The Fool - Strangeness (R)
Reversed "escape from reality, instinctiveness, foolhardiness, slavery to the senses"

Not too sure how to read this. Is it a warning against impulsiveness/naivety, or an advice to "let go more"? Regarding passion as in Love or as in creativity?
Feel for a clarifier.
Deck: Insight Tarot
Theme: "spontaneous epiphanies produces different visions of events"
There's spontaneity in theme. 
Card: Page of Cups (R)
Not really clearer..! Another reversed blue-eyed person!
"an alluring invitation or a sincere compliment on its way"
"But Page of Cups is not ready for depths of relationships or dramatism; he is too young and volatile for that."

But now I see a middle-aged man - not 'jumping of the cliff',  but merely *heading off'. Only one shoe on - the right is bare. Instinctive/unconscious journey/wandering. 
And a young person - more girl than boy - with hair in my colour and length. Holding up/offering that cup with the fish. A gold fish.
I see me and my "unbeknownst soul-mate teacher".

And therefore feel like one more clarifier. In between, below or above these.
Dice says above.
Deck: Maat Tarot
Theme: "personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order"
So, something about 'truth', cosmic order wise.
Yes, how does the universe 'look at this' right now. Or advice in this?
Card: King of Wands (R)
More reverseness...
"Traditional meaning: a blond man out town, and the zodiac sign Sagittarius"
"He has the ability to work with others for the sake of humanity. It is also the genius that buds from the common man."
("The image for the King of Wands is the Freemason John Hancock paging through a book that contains a diagram of the large excavated chalk drawing called 'The Rude Man'"))
"There is a sense that some rite of passage must be earned for entrance into an exclusive brotherhood." Ah, this, together with all the reverseness, more and more give me the sense that it's about "inside job". 
About continuing "letting him be who he is", and practice "being who I want to be" - give love and show compassion, 'despite lack of depth and maturity/readiness in the other' - because that's who I am, that's what I'm here for. For the sake of humanity. It's 'the road to heaven'. 
'There's no path to Love/happiness - Love/happiness is the way'.

I've listened a lot to Marianne Williamson - talks about The Course in Miracles - lately.
It fits nicely with that.
Continue writing, studying, deepening - inwards.
Continue and expand the practice of showing Love and compassion outwards. 
Being on top of 'what's happening in the outer world' - not get lost in the dramas of the ego(s).