The Fool + King of Wands, Dream Enchantress + Xultun


Theme: "serving as a mysterious bridge between the conscious and subconscious" + "the Mayas view the world differently"

"the importance of learning to view the universe as a dynamic fabric of ever-changing living energies, unfolding, expanding, and contracting, in a dance of conscious creativeness, where energies flow from invisible to visible live forms, evolving and regenerating every moment. The Maya Cosmo-vision awakens our awareness that our universe is a living conscious entity, a holistic unified continuum of creative spiritual powers manifesting as a vast ocean of amazing life expressions and unfolding realities." (yucatanadventure)

Dream Enchantress Tarot: The Fool (R)
"Are you in a journey to discover the world or discover yourself? What is the difference, really? Don a mask, experience the world as someone else, and discover a new part of yourself."
Xultun Tarot: Lord of Staffs ('King of Wands')
"A friendly honest person from the same town"

So, the advice is that I should try to experience the world as a man living in the same village, learn something new about myself by it, and serve as a bridge between the seen and unseen - because everything in the universe is connected (a fabric of interwoven energies)?

Very interesting!