The Fool, PoMo Tarot


Theme: "navigating the next millennium/the future"

Deck: PoMo Tarot
Card: The Idiot (R)
"A well-dressed young man - toothy grin, jaunty pose - snaps his fingers on the first card of PoMo Taro, obviously pleased with himself. A tough little dog has just sunk its teeth into his thigh, but as yet Idiot remains unconcerned."
"The Idiot may be a jerk, but you have to admire his insouciance."
"When he arrives things pick up"
"The more fools at the party, the more fun"
"He has the bad habit of speaking his mind"
"He acts. "Consequences?" he asks. "What consequences?""
"Great minds have worried themselves over the Idiot. Their conclusions are mixed."
"His foolery kicks up a crazy wisdom, whether we are ready for it or not."
"Inspiration sometimes looks like idiocy"
"Childishness. Errors, mistakes, missteps, boo-boos, invalid conversions. False start, inauspicious beginning, vain hopes, wild goose chase."
"Every beginning, after all, is difficult."