The Hanged Man, Epic Tarot


A deck that I quite recently (a month or so) ordered, but have left unopened "until it's meant to be opened"!

Epic Tarot


"A word that used to be used to describe a book, a movie or other work as timeless, great, and meaningful. (Is now used by douchebags who combine it with "win" or "fail" to describe everyday things.)"

"Being unusually large, powerful or wonderful. On a grander scale than the modified word would otherwise imply."

"Awesome, kickass, or otherwise positive."

Rather amusing that this deck begs to be opened this very day - the very day I will complete the purchase of my very own Horse Farm...!
I guess it could be called an Epic Day...? :)


Card: The Hanged Man - "The Lady of Visions"
"Drinking deeply from the mysteries of life helps reconnect us with the Divine. The cost is fear, but the gift is wisdom. Once we give ourselves up to mysteries, our understanding is changed forever."

Deck #38: Epic Tarot