The Hanged Man, Hobbit Tarot


Theme: "An Unexpected Journey"

Card: The Hanged Man 
"Greenish of hue and almost scale-like, Gollum scuttles across a lonely terrain hunting for food. On the ground we see he has already captured, and killed, two fish for his meal. The serious expression on his face and his gaunt malnourished demeanour remind us of how hard his world is. We recall that Gullom's lot has been such ever since the Ring came into his possession. After he loses it to Bilbo Baggins he vanishes from our story, only to reappear in The Lord of the Rings. Here we see the terrifying power of the Ring to mutate and deform whomever - and whatever - it comes into contact with, particularly if thew try to hold onto it."
Upright "Suspension of activities, sacrifices may be necessary, giving up control, surrendering to a higher purpose. In a reading this card hints of the need to look at things from an opposite viewpoint - all may not be as it seems. Something of lesser values may have to be given up in exchange for something more important. Spiritual values will have to take precedence over the more material."
Reversed "Reversed, this card may warn against being entrapped by others, or falling excessively under their influence. The danger of idealizing someone, or something, and being blind to their negative side, or faults."