The Hanged Man, Light Seer's Tarot


Theme: "lessons comes from both the light and shadow sides of our natures"

Deck: The Light Seer's Tarot
Card: The Hanged Man
"surrendering to the will of Cosmos"
"embracing the new"
"realigning with you heart and purpose"
"Flow with it"
"When you let go of that thing that's got you stuck, you will make space for new insights and vantages to shift into place. Open your heart to the bigger plan"
"Know that your path - and your dream - may look unfamiliar to you after you relinquish the need to direct the outcomes. Surrender to the will of the Cosmos and realign your life with its sacred patterns. The Universe already know which life-altering lesson is the key to your happiness, and your Higher Self has so much wisdom for you when you intentionally pause to listen."