The Hanged Man, White Cats Tarot



Finally, the resistance begins to take its toll, is it?!
The unwillingness to do what you have to do, loosens its grip?
The reluctance that has been present in the cards for two days.

It's not that you WANT to resist - you 'intentions are pure' (deck theme) - but the ego always speaks first, and often quite loud. Airing it's opinions about everything. Often in a rather tiresome negative manner. So much so that that it can make you feel "tired of yourself"!
You know those times when the ego/head sounds like a broken record, repeating itself over and over. Saying the same old things it always does. Protesting the same way it always does. If it was a physical room-mate talking this much negative meaningless shit, you would've thrown him/her out a long time ago! 

But your ego stays put! 
You have to deal with it, overcome it, detach from it's influence.
A central task in life!

The "HOW not the WHAT". 
The refusal of doing anything out of the ego. Out of fear.
The courage to withhold you actions and words until they come from a place of Love (or the most loving place you can reach for the time being, if you have to act/talk immediately).

The 'suspension' phase. The phase when you can practice looking at things from different perspectives. Challenge your ego's rigid views and arguments. Maybe to the point of seeing things totally upside-down!
Schooling/different teachings (yesterday's card) can be helpful tools for this!

You've got this!
Keep up the good work!

Deck: Tarot of the White Cats
Theme: "Integrity; pure intentions"
Card: The Hanged Man
"Always look at things from different points of view"