The Hermit + Ace of Wands, Kingdom Within + Gay


Themes: "Everything You Need is Within", or "Don't Let Outside Events Control Your Happiness" + "Face yourself" or "It's in you, not others"

Two decks pointing within, into myself. And yesterday two improbable "mirrors", suggesting looking at myself. Very interesting.

And, the 11th introspecting Hermit - by far the most drawn card in this series.

Kingdom Within Tarot: The Hermit
"- Virgo -"
"...note that the word virgin means "intact". A "virgin" in ancient times was a priestess to the goddess of the harvest, Demeter, in the Mediterranean temples during the golden age of Rome. She was complete in and of herself, and beholden to no man for her livelihood."
Gay Tarot: Ace of Wands
Wands "the creative life"
"A creative inspiration. The beginning of a project or venture."

Interesting, being in a situation and phase of my life where there's little order and directions in my outside life, bugging the shit out of my controlling ego who certainly lets outside events effect my sense of happiness too easy and too often. But I assume this exactly what I'm supposed to practice right now! And keep growing my sense of "I have everything I need (within)", and "complete in and of myself". So the new (ever ongoing) project might be building/creating my own happiness :)
Maybe mirrored in a couple of projects I'm starting up/having/putting energy in on my own farm.