The Hermit, Gill Tarot


Theme: a rather personal deck for me, symbolising "the ultimate me"

When I bought it, it was a rather rare deck, which I struggled a bit to get my hands on, and I paid quite a bit.
Now it's in print again, by popular demand, to a much lower price than I paid! :)
A lovely deck with striking keywords written on the Minors, and there's an equally lovely book written to it. 


So, 'guidance regarding being/becoming the ultimate me' - "the best version of my self possible".

Card: (The) Hermit
"He represents the highest, deepest part of man, the part of oneself that could be said to be "the way, the truth and the light.""
"Once a seeker believes he has found, he will stop looking, and therefore the Hermit is in front and above, lightening the path and leading the follower ever onward.  He is elusive and mysterious, his face looking toward the Infinite, yet he invites us to follow to find what we do not yet know. As a consequence we go blindly over unknown ground, trusting in an inner connection that is veiled and uncertain to a conscious self who relates so much more easily to the solid realities of the known life of subjective mental concepts, the life of appearances, or the world."
"It is a way of insecurity as known ground is always being abandoned in favor of ground which is not yet know."