The Hermit, Girlfriend's Tarot


Theme: "friendship"

Deck: Girlfriend's Tarot
Card: The Hermit (R)
A cage? Peculiar interpretation.
"You may not end up living in a cave plagued by a never-ending bad hair day. But The Hermit card signals that you will soon take a break from the world"
"bulk up your intellectual and spiritual muscles."
"Flipped onto its head, the card means narrowmindedness, tedium, loneliness or rash behaviour"
Much needed time away from relationship, but somewhat non-voluntarily making you feel locked in?
Sometimes "boring" (tedium) is good and necessary - and boring only if you want to be somewhere else, or wanting things to be different (not being alone for example). As advised yesterday, no need for action (rash behaviour) - everything is exactly as it should be.
But also, it's a man in the cage.
He repeatedly talks about being and feeling lonely, because of being so disconnected from his true self.
He neither sees nor appreciate what he has - things and people.
He almost exclusively see the not-so-good in everyone and everything.
This makes it difficult and complicated to have a relationship with him.
As he locks himself in a cage.
In a rather uncomfortable position moreover..!