The Hermit, Silicon Dawn Tarot


Theme: "nonchalance, mishmash, thoughtlessness, lingering bitterness"

Deck: The Tarot of Silicon Dawn
Card: The Hermit
"Carrying the light of her knowledge, she searches something honest."
"Well, it's probably not the first time she's fallen. And she certainly wasn't finding illumination in the coffee shop she just left. Time to move on, my dear seeker of knowledge; find a new place to be alone."

I don't like this being pointed out..!
I don't like when this deck comes up.
I feel rather affected by and (unfairly placed...) in the firing line of another's nonchalance, thoughtlessness and lingering bitterness from "past lives". And yes, dishonesty...
Which triggers and awakens bitterness and judgment in me I'm afraid.

All the things I want to say... Do.
To "show him". 

Nah. Better take some alone time, again, and "lick wounds".
Hey - NO! Not to lick wounds...! 
You're not hurt!
You have unhealed stuff (and/or Frightened Parts of Your Personality), being triggered.
Withdraw and welcome them. Acknowledge, accept, heal. 
Easy on the judgments. 
Send gratitude to "The Trigger" - who most probably "know not what they do". Nor why.

No one is in your life by accident.
There are no coincidences.