The Hermit + The Magician, Mary-el + Friends


Themes: "Landscapes of the Abyss (the unconscious)" + "I'll Be There For You"

Mary-el Tarot: The Hermit (R)
"Is there anything more beautiful and luminous than a person living 100% of who they are?"
"Babies are all born perfect and divine, a pure vision of innocence. As they age and learn the ways of the world of contrast and duality, it becomes their responsibility to grow, struggle, and overcome, to forge the enlightened soul. In the end, the Hermit is war torn and scarred inside and out, but he has persevered and he has carried forth the energy to a new generation so it can live on and chase their holy grails. The Hermit is a piece of the Sun."
Friends Tarot: The Magician

"Do not underestimate the value of staying connected with others, even while you are going through your spiritual journey. Be mindful, too, of other people's needs. You do not want to become [too] absorbed in yourself and your personal dilemmas"