The Hierophant, Lost Tarot of Nostradamus


Theme: "Once buried, but found again"

Lost Tarot of Nostradamus.
Card: The Hierophant
"...represents a person whose wisdom is supreme, someone to whom you may turn unhesitatingly for advice and direction. Yet there is also a sense - perhaps the product of our times - that tempers the belief in this person's position of power with doubt and caution."
"In readings, this card usually reflects the presence of a strong figure or an institution to which we might turn for help or guidance."

"Before you can discover your own belief systems and make your own choices (as associated with the next card, the Lovers), the Hierophant encourages you to learn the fundamental principles from a trusted source."
"Work with a teacher, mentor, or guide to teach you about spiritual values and beliefs in a structured way. He may be an authority or a kind and generous mentor who nurtures your spiritual awareness and helps you access the Divine [...] You may also undertake a period of formal study as you delve into a subject that has been widely explored and documented." I have joined the Biddy Community (but that being more The Priestess?), and I've picked up a lot of new things from astrology the last few days - and I learn a lot through (not explicitly FROM) that male person in the same town I was advised to walk in the shoes of not long ago. I learn a lot about my tools, how to listen to that small still voice within, and I more and more learn about myself and my own true belief system - and make my choices more and more based on that. What choices I will make in the "next step" - The Lovers - I leave to the future.