The Hierophant, Magical Dogs Tarot


Theme: "loyalty beyond the ordinary"

Deck: Magical Dogs Tarot
Card: The Shaman ('The Hierophant')
"Right now you need to seek out structure, order, and discipline to help you grow in wisdom and insight. Following a traditional practice or honoring ancient customs and ceremonies can bring you closer to the sacred mysteries you seek. There is strength in numbers, as the lesson of the dog pack teaches; sometimes one can find great strength in becoming partnered with allies on the same path."

I can see a couple of possible "directions" here.

I can sense the meaning of the first part. I feel the "rightness" in putting in some work in creating more order and structure at my farm. I'm going to work on finishing touches in the stables today, and I have just ordered a bunch of hooks and hangers for the stable and adjacent areas. Maybe it doesn't seem like "spiritual business" (referring to the theme of the Hierophant) to the naked eye, but "ordinary work" is a great part of life and living - just look at how the monks spend their days. Chopping wood, carrying water.
Continue with the ordinary "while waiting", if you ask the ego - as part of the natural process, if you ask the soul.
And it is very much a part of being loyal beyond the ordinary, or fiercely loyal as I'm again and again reminded to be. Keeping on with my own business, while he processes his stuff and makes up his mind on what he wants and who he wants to be. I'm not taking the baits that his unconscious manipulative forces ("Pluto") throw at me, again and again.

But is there something to consider regarding "strength in umbers" and searching "allies on the same path"?
My father will come help me today, but I don't feel that 2 counts as 'numbers'!
I am a part of the Biddy Community, and I am pondering a little over a new education together with a friend. 
I feel that I need some comments on this, or some kind of clarification. On whether this is something I should consider more seriously, or if it is "just" about me doing my traditional, disciplined things (creating more order in my surroundings) I do when the development process "have delays". If you ask my head - the things I do in these times certainly have great value in themselves! 

I got the Visconti-Sforza Deck. Pointing to "the old ways". A quite clear message. It's not about taking any new steps, or expanding, but sticking to what has "worked in the past" - a meaning the Hierophant certainly includes.

Card: Seven of Swords
And the meaning that popped out in the companion book was "creative risk". 
I'm doing the traditional thing, but it's a rather creative risk considering "the relation part" of it.