The Hierophant + Temperance, Circle of Life + True Heart Intuitive


As the Lovers (R) yesterday suggested, new opportunities/projects/challenges require "taking responsibility" and "proper attention". 
What's that?!
How to "plan", take on new responsibilities, and approach a new project/task/opportunity with 'spiritual integrity'?
(And not fall (back) into rational thought patterns, traditions, elbowing and the material mindset that's so widespread in this world of ours)
How to 'advance with (and spread) love' when entering new assignments and unknown territory?

How to proceed in the Circle of Life in an upward spiral and not a mere 2-dimensional circling, like a goldfish swimming round and round in a bowl - and end up like, "I feel like I've been here before..."!

Where to begin, what to focus on?!

Your own energies!
It's HOW you do stuff, rather than WHAT :)
Patiently letting things unfold, and do what needs to be done as tasks appear (rather than what you 'THINK should be done'). 
Use what you have - within you and without you - the best you can! 
Show forgiveness for yourself, and others, while learning new things and getting the hang of your new responsibilities.
Advance with grace!

Themes: "the circle of life" + "connect with the core energy and your intuition" 

Circle of Life: The Hierophant
"The wise man knows which weapons to use on every occasion and never squanders his energy"
True Heart Intuitive Tarot: Temperance
"creation, moderation, forgiveness, maturity"
One foot in water, one on land - "a balance between intuitive emotional nature and concrete reality"
"be gentle in how you speak to yourself while sticking to new plans"
Go for it! - "in a calm, cool, and collected manner."