The High Priestess, Chrysalis Tarot


Theme: budding transformation

Card: Sorceress ('The High Priestess')
"Sorceress Morgan Le Fay is pictured in vibrant hues of mysticism and magic. Her talisman represents the pomegranate, food of the Otherworld and a symbol of the Triple Goddess. We can feel the fruitful energy swirling in the background as it explodes in a crescendo of bursting light from Morgan's hand. Woven spirals symbolize the infinite transformative energy of the Sorceress.
In your reading, Morgan points to one of your more challenging encounters in attaining transformation. Morgan does her magic at the curtain that separates the seen an the unseen worlds. The ravens, insatiably curious when magic is active, swoop in to flavor her cauldron with magical synchronicity, those coincidences that confirm you're on the right track.