The High Priestess + Seven of Pent's, Shapeshifter + Royo Dark


Themes: "the ability to embody the characteristics of another being, for a higher understanding/awareness" + "anger, frustration"

It's so tempting to choose the old trodden path of "innocent opinions" and "letting out steam" instead of listening to your Higher Self, when your patience (P7) is being tested.
The, "I only needed to get it out", or "I was only thinking it".

But I think we've all experienced it - the energy effects of "mere thinking". How you can feel when someone you meet says one thing, but obviously thinks another! Or when you yourself "have something in your mind", and the person you are with clearly shows perception of it. Consciously, or unconsciously. 

Here's a true challenge when it comes to 'spiritual development', if you ask me! To truly not let others' behaviour 'get to you'. And if it does - shut up about it..!
Deal with it, transform it. 
And - show compassion and understanding for the other (consciously or unconsciously acting/speaking) person. Not only in company WITH that person - but also when you are not! To cut ALL Bullshit - period. 
Shifting that anger/frustration (Royo Dark) to understanding and 'infinite love' - because That Is Who You Are. Because that is What You Are Here To Learn. 
According to you own 'personal curriculum'. 

Your not here to fix this or that relationship. This or that person. You're not even here to 'fix' yourself. You're here to Become yourself - the best version of you!
Your relationships, and your circumstances are merely, by the Universe, ingeniously constructed tools for your growth!

Level up! 
In Sweden we say 'take of your Victim Coat' - which fits very good for P7! 
It's time to leave also those last remnants of your old self behind - I see a fading transparent body. 
Step into your Higher Self. 

Isn't it cool how it looks to be the same blond person in the cards?! The youngster 'old self in the old world', and the glorious Higher Self.

(Inspiration/association, ACIM Lesson 15: "I am not alone experiencing the effects of my thoughts")

Shapeshifter Tarot: The Sorceress 
"Opportunities and messages are coming that could enable you to make changes"
"Listen to divine inspiration (the crow)"
Royo Dark Tarot: Seven of Pentacles (R)
"Being part of the world." A rather uncommon interpretation, but (as always) suiting here. Showing the difficulty to 'leave the old outworn/fading', when your patience is tested, and anger/frustration triggered.
Go within with it (reversed). Listen to the Divine for guidance through it - not your ego/head!

It doesn't matter if you can find a 1000 people agreeing with you(r head) and your 'right to be right'!
But don't worry, if  you fail the current test the lesson will be repeated until you get it ;)