The Lovers, Art of Love Tarot


Theme: "how to manifest true love"

Card: The Lovers
"A union with another gives you freedom to be who you truly are. Embrace all aspects of yourself and liberate your spirit of love"
"The Lovers find freedom in reflecting, and accepting each other. Purple brings great transformation and growth. The Goddess (the feminine and the un-consciousness mind) is seeking union with the God (the masculine and the conscious mind) in order to merge into an exquisite, beautiful whole. In making love, the divine spark plays in physical form as a delicious, sensuous reminder of the love that we are."
Meaning "The Lovers affirm that you are ready to feel love in all its splendid forms. The reflection of another will inspire you to welcome, acknowledge and love the sum total of yourself."
"This cars may also indicate the deepening of an existing relationship that makes it feel renewed."