The Lovers, Gay Tarot


Theme: Face yourself, Come out of the closet

Card: The Lovers

"A relationship is always a mingling of differences." "Seeing both sides of an issue"

So, how to integrate newfound, rediscovered - earlier hidden, or never seen - resources, qualities, or energies? How to let that girl (Gun Girl, PoMo Tarot) speak out, be included and participate without taking over, or becoming hurt again? How to be open and authentic without loosing integrity and end up shut down again? How to bring out a trigger happy sceptic girl (Princess of Wands, Maat Tarot) from the closet and give her love? How to avoid earlier mistakes that made her hide away in the first place? How to stand up for yourself without making a mess? How to take care of yourself without making it harder for your surroundings? 

How to be your authentic self - remembering all the times it has gone south and felt really bad when you tried? How to find and tap into that inborn inner strength and just trust yourself, and find the most important support of them all - your own? How to not let old fears get the best of you? How to find the answer inside, when all of the inside is a big, hard knot? When all of the inside fills up with dread and fear?

How to balance complex inner needs and peculiar (sometimes utter opposite) outer requirements? When to make a stand, when to walk away?

There are so many nicely written and spoken advice on how to become whole, united, balanced and connected with something greater again (thank god for them), but it's quite something else to find out which suits and how to make it work for you.
But what is life for if not just that? :)

"I would rather be whole than good (Carl Jung)

Purples from little deck booklet.

Deck #39: Gay Tarot